Historic Anglican Church in Brighton, East Sussex


A big thank you to all who contribute to this box at the back of the church! Here is some news of how our donations help!

  • Postcards (used and unused) helped to raise £15,000 for the Mission Aviation Fellowship, to purchase aircraft fuel for doctors giving voluntary service in remote parts of the world.
  • Broken watches, odd earrings & cufflinks, knotted chains, bits of necklaces etc., foreign coins and bank notes raised £1000 to buy ophthalmology equipment for a cottage hospital in Nanyaki , Kenya .
  • The bubble paper/jiffy bags etc. went to a charity shop.
  • The plastic pill pots went to a Christian hospital in Cluj-Napoca , Romania .  They will all be re-used in the hospital pharmacy.

Nothing was wasted! Anne said that last year was most productive and encouraging and looks forward to our valuable support continuing.

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