Historic Anglican Church in Brighton, East Sussex


We are a Christian Community, drawn together by a desire to know, love and serve the same God.

Our worship is liturgical, focussed upon the Eucharist.  In the celebration of Scripture, sacred silence, music and Eucharistic table we celebrate an open-minded conversation with God.

Participation is open to everyone without exception and our regular community, together with visitors, come together for a variety of reasons.

Inclusive language is used, and there is a structure to the service. The responses of the people, and the presentation of the church change to reflect the season by season changes of the church.

Times of Services

the EurcharistSaturday

5:30pm –  Vigil Eucharist


10:15am – Sung Parish Eucharist


5:30pm – Said Eucharist


10:00am – Said Eucharist followed by coffee and tea


1:10pm – Said Eucharist